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Polish for foreigners - how we do it in Black Horse

Blackhorse > Polish for foreigners – how we do it in Black Horse

Polish for foreigners – how we do it in Black Horse

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Author: Aneta Strugacz, Black Horse teacher

As we all know Polish is not the easiest language, but one of our proverbs says: „The Devil is not so black as he is painted.” It means we should not be afraid of this language at all! If you are a foreigner and would like to learn it, you have found the right place. Classes with me are a great adventure and I will show you that studying can become a great pleasure.  

Listen, listen, listen …

Let us remember that learning Polish should be divided into stages. If you want to start speaking Polish fluently and as fast as possible, you should first develop the ability to recognise sounds and single words. Listen to the radio or songs in Polish and watch TV. Try to listen carefully for what people around you are saying and slowly, with great attention, repeat the words or phrases you heard. See, how simple it is!

Look for professional support…

The next stage is looking for a person you could talk to. A good idea would be to enroll for conversation classes with an experienced teacher. If you decide to study in Black Horse Language School, I will help you open up and provide you with appropriate exercises. I will also show you the simplest and most effective methods to quickly master the rules of pronunciation. Thanks to these lessons, it will be easier for you to make contacts with people around you and you will not encounter any problems in daily communication. The first few lessons are always aimed at correcting pronunciation mistakes as well as learning new words and phrases through play, word games, puzzles and quibbles.

The first classes…

During the first lessons we listen to conversations between Polish native speakers, learn to introduce ourselves and talk about a place where we live. Also, we have fun doing some other things, such as counting, describing various things, giving directions, doing shopping, etc. After each lesson with me you will be more and more convinced that learning Polish is actually just … a piece of cake. 🙂

What’s next…

Another stage, a bit more difficult, is writing, reading and learning grammar. But, do not worry, we do everything carefully, adjusting teaching methods to the individual needs of every student. I gradually introduce you to the world of Polish tourist attractions, get to know your hobbies and you start talking about them in Polish. We watch fragments of movies more and more often, listen to and sing some songs. 🙂 You slowly gain self-confidence, you talk and write. To achieve good results, you also need to work independently at home, do your homework, and I will motivate you to continue studying. You start to react and think in Polish. After a year of our classes, it will turn out that you already speak Polish! It will be your and my success.

Let’s have classes together 🙂


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